Is Outsourcing Sales Right for Your Business?

Man working on laptop computer from home

Sales outsourcing can be a big decision for your business. You are in essence trusting an outsider with the lifeblood of your business. The benefits are obvious, outsourcing costs less than hiring your own in-house sales force and it frees up your time so that you can focus on other areas of your business. The risks are great though, if the sales reps don’t get the job done your business could dry up and you could quickly find yourself in dire financial straits. So how do you minimize the risks so that you can reap the rewards?

  1. Take a good hard look at your current sales process. Create a checklist so that you can be confident you’re not missing any critical steps along the way. You need to know what you’ve been doing before you can ask anyone else to step in and start doing it for you.
  2. Decide which parts of the sales process can and should be outsourced. Hiring an outside sales force isn’t an all or nothing proposition.You can pick and choose which parts of the sales process to outsource and which ones you’d like to continue to handle on your own.
  3. Develop a training plan for your new sales team. In the past you probably haven’t needed a formal training guide because you were likely your number one sales person. Remember, this new sales force won’t know your business inside out the way that you do. You’ll need to arm them with all the information they could possibly need to promote your business. Don’t assume that they know anything about your business. Provide resources that they can refer to when answering a question they are unsure about. Having a sales force that seems uninformed can make your business seem less than professional and that’s the last thing you want.  Click here for complete blog post

Lease A Sales Rep should be your first choice of partners when outsourcing sales. We’ll help you build a direct sales operation without the capital costs and management overhead of recruiting and training in-house sales people.


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